Sunday, December 4, 2011


For some, it's the start of their college years. It's a time for them to party and have fun. For me, it's a scary age. It's just the beginning of my life.. what I do now, in time, will form my future. Stress is taking over my life.. thoughts of what I will be in 5, 10 years is all I think about. Most 19 year olds aren't worried about silly things like that. But photography is all I know. It's all I breathe, eat and sleep. I so badly want to wake up one day in New York City, on my way to a paid shoot with Vogue.. or just a paid shoot in general. Photographs have shaped who I am today and the person I will be in the future. Without it, I'd be that girl who cares about nothing but what I'm going to wear that night to John's party, or what classes I need to be taking in order to graduate and "make something" of myself. I'd be lost. I'd have an entirely different view of the world. 

For all those high school students out there who are excited about going to college just because they so badly want to get out of their small town: wait. Life will pass you by before you know it and you'll suddenly feel lost and won't know what to do with yourself. Some amazing things have happened to me in the past year and going to college would have changed all of that.. It's okay to not know what you want to do with the rest of your life.. Let it just come to you. Don't rush fate. Your small town isn't so bad. You'll realize that with time.

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