Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I haven't blogged in forever! I've been without internet and I've been so busy at work, that I can't do anything else :(

Here's a little update:

- My beautiful baby sister will be home for summer! She'll be here June 16th to July 14th! Time to plan the beach trips :D

- I have two shoots coming up in the next month. One is an indian shoot on June 10th and the other is an Audrey Hepburn styled shoot on June 18th. I also have a few more that I'm still working on :) And I have some kickass ideas.

- WORK IS KILLING ME. Ugh, I have the most stressful job, I swear.. I have no time for anything else.. I'm mentally exhausted. I just want to sleep for weeks.

That's pretty much what is going on in my crazy life right now.. I'll be able to relax on Friday though. A best friend is coming home from college, for the summer, and we have lots of catching up to do! :)

I'll update you guys with some pictures this weekend!<3

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